Episode 15 : Sculpting with Chainsaws and Flamethrowers (with Griffon Ramsey)

Brian and Jason bring in a chainsaw artist to learn how to sculpt wood.

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This should probably go without saying, but chainsaws are literally designed to cut through things so they're probably pretty dangerous. Don't use one if you aren't trained or under the supervision of a professional who knows what they're doing.

Episode 13 : Use Your Phone to Decrypt Soviet-Era Space Messages!

Brian and Jason remotely transmit photos over a set of walkie talkies utilizing narrowband technology from the 1950s.

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Episode 10 : Flip Open a Butterfly Knife Like a Gentleman Bastard

Jason's always wanted to learn how to use a butterfly knife, and it just so happens Brian has used one for years. So Brian walks Jason step by step through a basic flip open and close.


Episode 9 : Creating REAL HALLUCINATIONS Without Drugs

Brian and Jason set out on a journey of self-discovery by forcing their brains to make sense of the chaos that is their lives, or something.

It's the Ganzfeld effect! More on the Ganzfeld effect here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ganzfeld_effect

If you're asking yourself if you should have your eyes open or closed, well rest assured you will need them open.

Episode 8 : Making a Prison Spear

Brian and Jason heard that "prison spears" are a thing, so they attempt to make one using only newspaper, a pillowcase, and a kitchen spoon.

WARNING: Do not attempt. Dangerous weapons are dangerous. No. Seriously. This is a weapon. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Or in prison.