Understanding Drones

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by Brian Brushwood & Jason Murphy

Look, we don’t understand much about drones at all. Which is probably why Brian was once horribly injured by one when trying to catch it like a softball. Or at least that’s what we assume he was doing, because we don’t have video footage to show us otherwise.

But today, we’ve enlisted the assistance of Kelly Shores from Ready Set Drone to help guide you on the best way to choose the personal aircraft that’s right for you, while also providing the lowdown on the laws and etiquette of launching these cool-ass contraptions into the sky. Because as we’ve demonstrated, throwing caution to the wind can be kind of fun -- but when actual personal injury or property damage are real concerns, it’s probably best to phone in someone who knows more than us.

There are an insane number of factors to consider, from budget to skill level to whether or not a professional sporting event is a regular thing near where you live (seriously). And by budget we don’t just mean what you can afford; but rather what you can afford to lose when someone decides to spear it out of the sky or it meets a hawk.

They are rad as hell, though. So here are a few options to consider, one of which gives us the first bird’s-eye view of Modern Rogue HQ and does everything it can to try to make Brian crap his pants.


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