Oh Look, We Have Badass BFCM Deals

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by Brian Brushwood

Black Friday: The day after you’ve spent enjoying (or enduring) time with your family, adopting an extra pants size, and finding yourself thrust into the hunt for the best deals that specifically-timed commerce money can buy. And while there is some speculation as to how much cash people might actually save on this most glorious of store-stampeding days, we can assure you that there are real deals out there, and some of them you can take advantage of from the comfort of your living room. Or desk. Or phone. Whatever.

We have a lot of those. If you’ve ever wanted to snag one our cool-ass products, now’s the time, because we have some pretty hefty discounts running over the course of the next few days. Do you want to learn how to escape from handcuffs for reasons we’ll never ask about? We’ve got you covered:


What about learning how to do the most incredible book trick you’ve ever seen? Yeah, we have that.


You can learn how to bend wrenches, produce fire from your wallet, or even regenerate a card torn right in front of somebody’s face while they’re holding it. All of this awesomeness and more is available to you right now at huge discounts. So get that shopping list in order while simultaneously steering clear of The Worst Place On Earth (the mall).

Check it out.

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