Trash Bags as a Prison Weapon

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by Brian Brushwood & Jason Murphy

Occasionally, we test out homemade weapons we’ve heard people have made in prison. Why? Because ... that’s a good question, actually. Oh, maybe when the planet becomes a post-apocalyptic wasteland we’ll end up captured and held in some makeshift jail and we’ll need to be able to fight our way out. Yeah, that sounds somewhat respectable.

Or in this case, if we need to torture a snitch in their sleep. That ... OK, that’s a bit darker.

As it turns out, you can set trash bags on fire and basically create homemade molten lava. Which sounds horrible, because it is, as we prove by dripping this stuff over some lunch meat. It reaches temperatures that would result in instant third degree burns, and likely cause the plastic to just fuse right to your skin.

We’re still not quite sure why this is information we need, but maybe that’s because we’re not living out Mad Max yet.


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