HUGE News For The Modern Rogue Family

by John Cheese

OK, so we have so much stuff going on right now that I'm not even going to mess with an intro. Sorry, I'm too excited. I'll make up for it by putting an extra intro in an article sometime down the line for all of you hardcore intro fans. For the rest of you, here is your introless Modern Rogue updates!

Wait, I think that counts as an intro. Crap. Doesn't matter, check this shiznit out!

Rogue Vs. Rogue Week

This isn't as milestoney as the rest of the updates, but I wanted you to give you all a heads up that next week is "Rogue Vs. Rogue Week: Hollywood Edition". We've picked out some of the most awesome rogues from movies and TV shows, and we're tasking a handful of our regular columnists with determining who would win in a one-on-one showdown. We won't spoil the match-ups for you, but Monday's will be John Wick vs. Jason Bourne. The article is already written, so you can debate about it among yourselves without fear of it influencing the writing.

It's a fairly big swerve off the normal Modern Rogue path, but we wanted to have a week totally devoted to fun, debate-worthy articles. And from what I've seen of them so far, they're pretty damn awesome. If it's something you all like, we'll do more of them in the future. Maybe with the best rogues from video games, cartoons, anime, comic books ... your family. If nobody reads them, we'll trash the idea, hang our heads in shame and pretend it never happened.

We Reached Two Huge Milestones

Last week, we not only published our 100th article (Steven Assarian's "5 People Who Used Magic To Publicly Debunk Fraudsters"), but we also hit a major goal: We had our 1,000,000th page view! For a site that just opened its doors 4 1/2 months ago, and advertised its presence without buying ads on other sites, that is huge.

No Facebook boosts. No Twitter ads. No networking. That happened because you all read the articles and shared them with other potential rogues. Sharing the site and the articles is the difference between us growing into a fun, no-BS site that's able to pay writers for their work ... or collapsing into ourselves like a black hole of suck. Our long term goal is to create careers for talented writers and editors, and you're helping us do that. Thank you for bringing us one step closer to that goal. Thank you RIGHT IN THE FACE!

Speaking of which ...

The Workshop Is Producing Some Great Writers And Articles

A few months ago, I opened a writers' workshop where anyone can pitch articles, get published, and make some side cash in the process. So far, 13 writers have gotten 19 articles published, and I'm super proud of them all. The great part about it is that you don't need to be a professional writer in order to get a pitch accepted. You just need to read around on the site (so that you know what sort of content we're looking for), and then follow the editors' feedback. We basically hold your hand through the entire process, so it's not intimidating.

If you're interested in writing for us, it's super easy to get started. Just go to this link, create an account, read the stickied threads, and then start pitching. It's that simple. It's easy money, and to be perfectly honest, that's what rogues are all about.

We're About To Hit A Patreon Milestone

I've mentioned this so many times that it's sure to produce some eye rolls from regular readers, but we do not use third party ad networks to make money. This is kind of unheard of in modern internet businesses, because sites need income in order to grow ... and third party ads are the easiest way to get that money. But they're also the easiest way to piss off readers, which we just outright refuse to do.

If they ever come up with a fix for ads that aren't intrusive and don't make the readers immediately start sharpening knives, we'll reconsider that stance. But for right now, we support the site with Patreon and our own online shop.

The big news this week is that we're very close to crossing a major goal that we set back in January: $5,000 per month. That sounds like a lot of money, and it totally is ... if it was just one person running the site. That Patreon money is what allows us to pay our writers and editors, as well as hiring people to help us with future projects like a Modern Rogue app. So from Brian, Jason, myself and the entire Modern Rogue staff, THANK YOU RIGHT IN YOUR FACE for helping us close in on this extremely important Patreon milestone.

Your Support Has Allowed Us To Hire Some Much Needed Help

Because of your support through Patreon and the online shop, we were able to hire a freelance editor (Dwayne Hoover, who also runs the workshop) and a copy editor (Karen Jones). I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your support, because before they were brought in, everything you saw on the site was handled in their entirety by me. And trust me, I'm no copy editor -- even with a spell checker, that's just not in my skill set.

With your continued support, our endgame is to bring in a full team of writers and editors who can produce multiple updates per day, seven days a week. That's a lofty goal, and it will take a long time to pull off. But if you've ever watched our videos, you know that we're not exactly in the business of thinking small.

And that's evidenced by ...

We Are In The Process Of Buying A Modern Rogue Headquarters

When we talked about thinking big, we meant BIG. Brian recently got the opportunity to invest in an awesome piece of property that will become the actual Modern Rogue headquarters. And when we say that, we don't mean it's just a simple work space where we film the videos and store our vast collection of ramen noodles.

Imagine having a secured spot to throw a rogue-themed convention. A place to hold a writer's workshop. Classes and competitions on lock picking, escaping from handcuffs and shooting stuff at defenseless mannequins. Our brains are in overdrive, dreaming up new, fun things to do with it, but that's all stuff that will happen down the line. The property itself is happening right now, meaning that we're not just dreaming. We're doing.

And that, again, is happening because of your support. At the end of May, Brian and Jason threw a huge sale in order to raise the funds for the property, and you all came through in a massive way. The only downside is that we're now having to restock the products ... which is a good problem to have. If you visit the shop and see "product unavailable," be patient. We're restocking as I type these words.

But at the risk of repetition, we want to thank your face again, because the Modern Rogue isn't about Brian Brushwood, Jason Murphy and John Cheese. It's about us -- a worldwide group of modern day rogues who share the same interests and the same warped sense of humor. And goddammit, we deserve a headquarters where we can all get together and geek out as a family.

So How Do We Keep This Momentum?

On top of what we always preach (share the articles, consider contributing to the Patreon, and buy cool stuff from the store), you could also consider sharing some of our stuff on Reddit's "Today I Learned" section. We've been around long enough that a bunch of our articles meet their criteria for posting. So if you're reading the back catalog and stumble across something interesting, just check to see if the article is more than three months old and share it.

Every new rogue who comes on board brings us one step closer to the quite frankly insane goals that we've set for the site and the community. But like Brian, Jason and you all keep proving to me over and over again: just because a goal sounds crazy doesn't mean it's unobtainable.


-John Cheese, Brian Brushwood and Jason Murphy