Bar Etiquette Sins and How to Avoid Them

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by Brian Brushwood & Jason Murphy

Most of the time, knowing how to conduct yourself in social situations doesn’t require an advanced degree in Behavioral Science. It’s common sense stuff, like dressing for the occasion, being polite, and not unleashing a torrent of profanity-laden insults toward the referee at your kid’s soccer game.

At a bar, however, there are some unwritten rules that, if not followed, can annoy the absolute hell out of the bartender. If you’ve ever worked behind a bar or have spent enough time at them, these are most likely things you’re already aware of. But for the rest of you, it may help to know that asking what beers are on tap when the taps are right there in front of your eyeballs is probably just going to piss people off.

We visited the Parker Jazz Club in Austin where Trever Fehrenbach gave us some pointers on the things that patrons should absolutely not do when ordering drinks. And if these tips aren’t immediately obvious, don’t worry – Jason does a remarkable job of demonstrating them for you. Fortunately, we were joined by Anthony Buonomo to show us the better, non-money-flinging ways to behave.


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