Secretly Spied Upon by 4 Devices

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by Brian Brushwood & Jason Murphy

Last week we looked at how easy it is for someone to steal your personal information. It’s pretty terrifying, actually, which is why we no longer answer any phone calls or emails, have 174 character passwords, and cradle our laptops like babies whenever we’re not actively using them.

Usually, being in the know is a good thing, because you can adjust your habits to better ensure your privacy. But sometimes, knowing the reality of what could be lurking in the shadows can be a little disconcerting. Because as it turns out, it doesn’t take the FBI or Jack Byrnes for someone to watch and record your each and every move. In fact, it doesn’t take much more than an Amazon account and a few extra bucks for someone to start their spy career.

We looked at four different devices that anybody can get for under $100 that, seriously, could be watching you right now. We’re talking tiny, voice-activated audio recorders and pen cameras here — stuff that can be easily hidden or even just sit out in plain sight. And as Brian found out, they’re pretty tough to find even if you know that they’re there.

So, sleep tight, we guess.


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