4 WTF News Stories, Caught On Video

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by Dwayne Hoover

We all love weird news stories, and it’s probably because when we hear them, our own lives seem just a little bit less wacky. Sure, maybe you did find a snake in your toilet, but at least you didn’t get stuck in a restaurant’s grease vent for two days.

Unfortunately, we rarely get to watch such events unfold, because well, we weren’t there. But as security cameras become more and more prevalent, we actually get to watch the stories that humor and/or horrify us.


Man Inexplicably Licks Doorbell For Hours

We expect babies and toddlers to shove random things into their mouths, because they’re still trying to get a feel for (taste of?) the world around them. But we also expect them to grow out of it at some point, having learned along the way that it’s neither safe nor sanitary. Some people even get weirded out by the concept of a restaurant not using straws, because, “Eww, somebody else’s mouth was on that!” Which, of course, they say just before using the silverware.

Apparently, not everyone develops this healthy fear, however, as one California family found out when their surveillance cameras picked up some random guy licking their doorbell in the middle of the night. For three hours.


Before you start speculating as to why someone would do that, maybe we should all ask ourselves if that’s something we really want to know. I mean, yeah, he could’ve been drunk or mentally unstable, either of which sound plausible when you learn he decided at one point to randomly haul an extension cord out into the yard and take a leak.

But there could also be some darker, nefarious reason with details we’d be better off not knowing. I don’t know what those could possibly be, but I do know that there simply cannot be any sort of “positive” behind a doorbell-licking marathon.

Delivery Driver Eats Customer’s Food On His Way Up To The Door

We’ve all heard horror stories about the things that go on in the kitchens that prepare our food, whether it’s been dropped on the floor and served to us anyway or spit on or whatever. We all know that dining out carries a certain amount of risk, but we accept it, because we’ll be damned if we’re going to prepare our own meals every night.

What you may not have considered are the delivery drivers. As it turns out, some of them have been caught helping themselves to your food before it gets to you. Not only is that robbing your of a portion of your meal, it’s gross, because I have no idea where your mouth or hands have been.


What’s most remarkable about what occurred in that video isn’t that he swiped the fry – it’s that he did it while waiting at the door he was delivering to. Did he not have time before he got out of the car? Was he shuffling around there, popping tasty potatoes into his mouth while en route as well? If someone ordered pasta, would he just reach in and grab a handful and shove it into his face, and then lick his fingers clean before touching your fries?

And this isn’t an isolated incident, either. Other drivers have been caught doing the same thing. So think about that the next time you have a pizza delivered and just assume the restaurant was being stingy with the pepperoni.

Man Tries Stealing Bike From A Police Station

By now, you know we love dumb criminal stories, and this could easily be classified as one of those. But this isn’t some random, stupid mistake, like running from the cops and accidentally jumping a fence to a police station.

No, this man specifically went to the police station, to steal a bicycle.


It’s not like he couldn’t have known where he was – police departments aren’t exactly discreet buildings. Plus, it says “GLADSTONE POLICE” right by the window the bike was next to. Granted, he was caught because of the camera and not seen through the window, but to be clear, this guy’s plan was to steal a bike that was sitting near the window of a police station. You know, where police are probably inside working.

And it was a plan, as you can discern by the fact that he brought a mask and bolt cutters. He wasn’t just walking by and randomly decided to swipe it on a whim. His brain told him that his bike-thieving plan was solid.

Woman Drives Around With Her Child On The Roof Of The Car

Look, parenting is difficult – there’s no doubt about that. It’s impossible to know the exact right solution to every possible situation that may arise. I mean, what do you do if your kid tries stealing a bike from the police?

Still, there are some basic guidelines to keeping your children healthy and safe. Keeping them clothed, well-fed … oh, and maybe don’t drive around with them on the roof of your car.


To be fair, the news anchor states the woman didn’t know the child was up there. But ... really? She has several children – did she not realize that one wasn’t in the vehicle? And how do you not notice a person on top of your car before you start driving? Unless ... did the kid climb out the window and up onto the roof after she had taken off? Is the child a wizard and just recently learned how to teleport?

We don’t know the answer to any of these questions. All we do know is that, fortunately, the child was unharmed. And if there’s anything we can take away from this, it’s that checking your mirrors before taking your car for a spin is no longer good enough – you should probably verify that there’s not a human on the roof, too.

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