Crafting Knives Out Of Saw Blades

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by Brian Brushwood & Jason Murphy

You know what’s better than a badass knife? Making your own badass knife. Specifically because you can craft the blade itself into whatever shape you want. Sure, maybe you’re not a blade engineer and have no clue as to what makes an effective weapon, but creating your own stabby tool is oddly gratifying.

So we tried it, using saw blades, and quickly became aware that we have no idea how to use power tools properly. Fortunately, nobody was killed horrifically – but there were a couple of ... well, moments. And technically, we did have to reset the injury counter. But given what we were doing, we think it turned out pretty OK.

Oh, and of course, a big thank you to Evan and Katelyn for seeing us through this project. In the end, we didn’t break too many things, and they were awesomely patient with us while we crafted our weapons of pumpkin destruction.


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