Testing Penny Flash-Bangs

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by Brian Brushwood & Jason Murphy

Remember cap guns? Maybe you’re too young, or weren’t allowed to play with such things, because your parents didn’t want you to be mistaken for someone someone with a real gun and tragically shot, because they knew you’d be pulling that little orange thing off the end of the barrel.

Those of us who did play with them might recall that the caps themselves came in two basic varieties: crappy and awesome. Or rather, paper and plastic, respectively. The paper ones came in rolls, were kind of unreliable, and a straight up pain in the ass to load. The plastic rings could be popped in and out with ease, and produced a much louder and clearer, uh, bang for your buck. What we didn’t know at the time, however, what with our blinding cap snobbery, is that we could’ve been making our very own flash bangs using those underappreciated, exploding, paper strips of magic.

You just fold the strips in half length-wise, wrap that around a coin, then throw that sucker on the ground. Now, you’re not going to blind a potential attacker and escape in a cloud of billowing smoke, but it does work way better than you’d expect.


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