Revealing Invisible Messages on Posters

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by Brian Brushwood & Jason Murphy

You probably didn’t know this, but we’re legit spies. See, we’re so good at our jobs that you never even knew ... well, until we just told you and now it’s documented on the internet. Dammit.

We’ve always had a fascination with this spy business, from watching your every move with innocuous-looking devices to snagging data over open WiFi. But sometimes, maybe you don’t want to risk direct contact with your fellow, spy-type rogue because your interaction can be seen and heard and read and oh god they’re watching you.

Which is why it might be helpful to hide your correspondence in plain sight, where nobody would think to look for it. With nothing more than a little preplanning and some fairly low tech materials, you could be hiding secret messages for your partners-in-crime to find throughout your own city while cleverly disguised as Normal Person Who Is Just Out For An Afternoon Stroll. It’s way less suspicious than a meeting in a dark alley, and far more reliable than the carrier pigeon method.


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