Making PVC Blowguns

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by Brian Brushwood & Jason Murphy

There’s something gratifying about creating a thing with your own two hands; whether it’s knives or slingshots or an air cannon ... OK, a lot of the time it seems like we’re making weapons. But damn if it isn’t fun, and sometimes remarkably effective.

And the same is true for the time we made our own blowguns. It was surprisingly simple to construct a horrifyingly dangerous weapon using nothing more than some PVC pipe, nails, and Post-it Notes. Like “fire a dart through a wood board from 24 feet away” dangerous.

Now, we can’t stress this enough: Do not make or test one of these. Just live vicariously through us. Not only may blowguns be illegal where you live, but these things will cause serious injury or even heated arguments between you and your friends. They are not a joke. Not a joke.

That's called foreshadowing, dear readers.


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