How to Dress Like a Badass in Vintage Clothes

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by Brian Brushwood & Jason Murphy

We’ve never claimed to be arbiters of style. We know that’s hard to believe, what with our masterful command of all things fashionable in the realm of clothing and accessories. But when it came time to see what a vintage clothing store had to offer, we knew we were going to need a little help.

So we stopped by New Bo in Austin and spoke with Talena on the best way to deck yourself out in rad vintage garb. And surprisingly, it wasn’t nearly as complicated as we thought it would be. There are two major things to keep in mind: Get something that fits your body, and wear something you want to wear. Another fascinating concept to consider is the “All My Favorite Things Right Now” way to put together an outfit. It’s exactly what it sounds like: Grab your favorite shirt and pants and shoes and just freaking rock it.

At the end of the day, it’s all about confidence and feeling good about what you’re wearing. Sure, it can be a little more nuanced, so if in doubt, ask the people working. They’re on hand to help, and can give you honest feedback on whether or not that cape goes with those bell bottoms.

It probably does.


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