Safe-Cracking with Magnets and Thermite

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by Brian Brushwood & Jason Murphy

Safe-cracking isn’t all fancy gadgets, finesse and wizardry, because real life isn’t The Italian Job or The Score. Sometimes it requires brute force, like maybe with some explosives or an anti-tank gun or something.

We tried both (finesse and force, not explosives and anti-tank guns), attempting to get into a common safe using magnets and thermite. Not together, of course – we used the magnet to try to bypass the locking mechanism and trigger the solenoid inside, and the thermite to just burn our way through the top of the safe because combination locks are stupid and we just want in this damn thing already.

Now, we by no means have promising careers as professional safe-crackers in our future, but we did learn a few things. Not the least of which is to be really freaking careful when messing around with powerful magnets.


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