HQ Update: Unboxing a Suit of Armor

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by Brian Brushwood & Jason Murphy

It’s happening right now: The Modern Rogue World Headquarters is being built. There’s equipment being driven around and holes being dug and holy crap this is exciting. Especially the part about having an actual toilet being so close we can almost tast- wait, no.

But watching heavy equipment scoop dirt for hours at a time doesn’t really make for entertaining viewing, so we figured we’d give that whole unboxing thing a go. Now, we’ve never been clear on what, exactly, makes these videos so popular, but after trying it ourselves we found that ... yeah, it’s pretty anticlimactic. It’s just people opening boxes, basically.

At least ours didn’t contain something like a new toy or a tablet or whatever – it’s a full suit of armor. And you may recognize plate mail as being substantially more rad than the upgraded optical zoom or selfie-smoothing features on your new phone. Which, now that we think about it, raises the question: Why don’t more people make armor unboxing videos? Isn’t the latest advancements in armor technology an interesting topic for the internet?

No? Oh, well. If it ever does become a thing, just remember you saw it here first.


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