Modding Nerf Guns into Overpowered Blasters

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by Brian Brushwood & Jason Murphy

Nowadays, the Nerf brand is pretty much synonymous with blasting your friends in the face with foam darts. Of course, many of us remember when it was just footballs, door-hanging basketball hoops, and flying discs. But one glorious day in the past, some genius thought, “Hey, this foam stuff won’t horrifically maim anybody. Let’s invent a way for people to shoot it at each other!” And the world became a better place.

Even though today’s Nerf guns are already pretty badass, especially when compared to their predecessors, we’ve all wondered if they can be modified to deliver a shot that’s worthy of a more prominent warning label. Because where’s the fun in having a safe toy if you can’t override a couple of safety mechanisms to give you an edge over Mike in accounting when he tries to ambush you from the conference room?

Bill Doran walked us through a few simple steps that allowed us to increase a Nerf gun’s dart velocity by about 50%, and it didn’t even require anything like compressed air or gunpowder. He also showed us how to make them look pretty rad, like a blaster you might see in some dystopian sci-fi flick. So the next time a cubicle war breaks out, you can come up wielding a couple of these bad boys and own the office, intimidating everyone with your newly-modified dart cannons and instilling fear into the hearts of all who oppose you. Especially Mike.

OK, maybe that’s a bit dramatic. But still, these are definitely way cooler than what you pull right out of the box.


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