Moving a Body

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by Brian Brushwood & Jason Murphy

OK, so maybe the title is a bit misleading -- we admit that. But rest assured, this has nothing to do with disposing of a corpse and everything to do with helping someone in an emergency. Because you never know when someone might horribly injure themselves in the middle of nowhere and your phone is dead and you’re not Hodor, so calling for help or backpacking them out of there are not options.

Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to construct a makeshift hauler of humans. If you can find a couple of reasonably straight, sturdy sticks, you can connect them at person-width with a tarp, jackets, or even duct tape, throwing together a sort of temporary stretcher. It’s not the sexiest of solutions, but if somebody needs medical attention right goddamn now, it’s quick to assemble and, more importantly, it works.

Though if the individual you’re carrying to safety unexpectedly and inexplicably regains consciousness and offers you a pre-poured snifter of beer, you’re probably correct in assuming they were scamming you for a free ride the whole time.


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