10 Secret Hotel Hiding Spots

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by Brian Brushwood & Jason Murphy

We’ve already shown you how to create and reveal hidden messages in plain sight, as well as a few small, inconspicuous devices you can use for covert surveillance. Basically, stay tuned long enough and soon you’ll have all of the skills necessary for a successful career in spydom, traveling the globe and performing various espionage-related tasks. Wait, is “spydom” a word?

Regardless, maybe watching these videos won’t turn you into James Bond overnight (probably), but you can still pick up a few tips that could help you in the real world, or at least in your imaginative spy fantasy. Let’s say that, hypothetically, you were on some top secret mission around the planet, staying in various hotels, and you have multiple highly-sensitive documents that you need to protect at all costs. You know you can’t keep them in the room safe, what with all of their inherent flaws. But you can’t just shove them under the mattress, either -- that’s something kids do to hide stuff from their parents while thinking they’re being clever (they aren’t).

Fortunately, there are some pretty creative spots to hide things in hotel rooms. Granted, not all of them are going to hold up against the scrutiny of a determined law enforcement agency hunting for secret documents upon which the fate of the world rests. But if you have yet to master the art of self-destructing pieces of paper, some of these hiding places could actually come in handy.


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