Fencing with Rapiers

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by Brian Brushwood & Jason Murphy

It should be pretty obvious by now that we enjoy learning how to wield various types of weapons. From longswords to quarterstaffs and even a sword and buckler, if it’s bladed or otherwise dangerous, we’re going to try to figure out how to be proficient and hopefully not injurious with it.

So we stopped by the Austin Historical Weapons Guild for a new challenge: fencing with a rapier. Specifically, teachers Anthony Buonomo and Bryant Coston showed us the basics of a style made famous by Salvator Fabris in his book Lo Schermo, overo Scienza D’Arme, or at least as famous as anything could be in the 17th century, what with things like the internet and the The New York Times Best Seller list not having been invented yet.

This style of fencing is likely a bit different than what you’ve seen before, whether you’re picturing something out of the Olympics or Inigo Montoya spouting off about past and future murders. There’s actually way more to it than simply slapping away an incoming blade and then lunging in a stabby motion. Quite a bit of physical stamina is involved, as Brian quickly found out after sparring with Jason.


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