Blindfold Jedi Challenge

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by Brian Brushwood & Jason Murphy

We’ve all thought about how kickass it would be to have the power of the Force. Even if you’re not a fan of the Star Wars movies, you can’t deny that it would be rad as hell to have some sort of psychic and telekinetic powers, or more importantly, be able to wield a goddamn lightsaber.

Obviously, none of that stuff is real, but that didn’t prevent us from testing our own Jedi abilities. As it turns out, the site of The Modern Rogue HQ was once home to a group of people that used to teach qigong, so we thought there might be some latent qi or something lying around the compound ready to be harnessed. Because while the Force may be super mysterious, the one thing we absolutely know about it is that it can be spilled or fall out of a pocket, waiting for random people to just use its discarded leftovers at their discretion.

OK, so that’s not real either, not even in the Star Wars universe. But dammit, we wanted to see if we could whack a drone out of the air while blindfolded, and we figured our best bet was to go full Jedi. Like with lightsabers and everything. Well, everything except the actual Force, we guess.


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