The Encryption That Can’t Be Cracked: OTP

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by Brian Brushwood & Jason Murphy

We’re certain you have at least a passing familiarity with encryption, be it from your education, your phone screaming at you that a link is dangerous, or that one time you watched The Imitation Game. It’s crucial in keeping sensitive information safe, and has varied wildly in methods of implementation and levels of security during its long history.

And we can’t overstate its importance — it’s why encryption cracking contests exist. We need to know how secure our encryption methods are, and thus how secure our data is, so we know whether or not we’re just throwing around our online banking passwords all willy-nilly for just anyone to intercept. But there is one encryption method that is completely unbreakable: One-time pad, or OTP.

To be clear, as with any security measure ever, the human factor can still cause failure in OTP. But if done correctly, an intercepted message cannot be cracked at all. Which … OK, this in no way helps keep your internet communications secure. But it’s still pretty rad.


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