Desperate Defense: Our 4 Part Video Series

by Brian Brushwood & Jason Murphy

Howdy, rogues!  Brian and Jason here, and this was a special week for us on the Modern Rogue video channel.  We spent the whole week testing weapons of last resort, as suggested in the book A Guide To Improvised Weaponry  by Terry Schappert and Adam Slutsky.  Some worked and we'd trust them in a fight, others felt a little bit like hot garbage. Speaking of which: We're suprised that "make some garbage very hot and throw it at your attacker" wasn't a suggestion from the book.

If you've ever wondered if a can of hairspray, a bobby pin, some matches, or smashed light bulbs can save your life, wonder no more.  We bought a test dummy, just so we could immediately ignore it and attack each other with each of these.

By the way: Man, we got some great suggestions in the comments of how to make each of these more effective.  We don't say this often, but read the YouTube comments.  There's some gold in there.


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